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I help moms of kids with special needs tackle their self care + take care of their families.

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Hello Sunshine! I’m Jamie and I have a heartfelt passion to help special needs moms take care of themselves.

Raising a child with special needs can be an awarding but exhausting journey. There have been plenty of times that I have felt that rock bottom is only a few steps away.

Children with special needs require a great deal of our time and energy. They depend on us to help them through the day.

As the caregiver, we only have so much of us to go around. So many responsibilities. So little time. How do we balance it all? ( And is “balance” a real-life concept anyway?)

One of the many lessons that I have learned is that I must take care of myself.

It can be a roller coaster ride that wears out the best of us. We love our family. However, if we are not careful one day our tank will be on empty. We will have nothing to give. We must remember to take care of our self, so we can take care of our family.

There are many blogs, books, etc. about how to help our children with special needs.

There are fewer resources for Moms ( and parents in general) on how to walk this journey with our children. The road is long and will last a lifetime.

I hope that in this space you find encouragement, a breathe of fresh air and a reminder to add to your own tank, so you can keep puttering down this road called life.

My hope is that a sense of community will be formed here. That it will become a place to share and support others.



A Lit Bit About Me


I bring a unique blend of both personal and professional experience to this website. I have spent over 20 years learning and understanding the family unit and early childhood development. When we invest in a healthy, stable foundation for our family, we give our children an awesome jumping off platform to be successful.

I received my teaching certification with a focus on Early Childhood Education and Special Education. After my daughter’s diagnoses, I became her #1 Advocate. I learned about the ABC’s of therapy ( VB, SP, OT, etc) through research and hands-on training.

On a professional note, I have worked with teens and adults with special needs in an assisted living home. I received training in several mental health disorders and life skill strategies to help the residents be more independent. I have mentored mamas who have kids with special needs in my local area and online. I have enjoyed hearing their stories and working together to help them create an awesome life for their family.

You are my “tribe” and I want to see you become successful now and in the future!



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